How to Make an HR Line in MS Word

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Microsoft Word allows you to format your document in a variety of different ways, granting you the freedom to customize the document to suit your own needs. One helpful aspect of Word's document creation freedom is the ability to create horizontal lines to help separate and organize information in your document. These horizontal lines, sometimes referred to as HR lines because of the HTML tag used to generate them in web pages, can be quickly generated within a Word document.


Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Click your mouse at the location in your document into which you wish to insert your horizontal line.

Step 3

Type "---," and then press "Enter" on your keyboard. This creates a solid horizontal line of a default thickness. You can also insert different types of lines by using different sequences of keystrokes, all of which are completed by pressing "Enter." For example, "___" will create a thicker line, "~" will create a wavy line, "###" will create a triple line, "===" will create a double line and "***" will create a dotted line.





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