How to Stop a Computer Update

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The Windows Update feature allows security updates to be delivered to your computer automatically. Microsoft is continually updating its programs to deal with ongoing virus and security threats. The update procedure also provides improved functions on newer operating systems. Programs just released may have a bug corrected after the initial installation of the operating platform. While Windows updates provide a valuable service, sometimes they are inconvenient. If you need to stop a computer update, it is easy to do. Once stopped, the update will continue after you reboot your computer.


Step 1

Click on the Windows key and "R" on your keyboard. Press the two keys at the same time. The Windows key is on the right hand side of your keyboard between CTRL and Alt. This opens the Run text box.

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Step 2

Move your pointer to the text box. If you are using Windows XP, type in "net stop wususerv" and click "OK." This will stop the update.


Step 3

Type "CMD" in the text box if you are running Vista or Windows 7, which will open the command screen on your computer.

Step 4

Navigate to the c: prompt in the command window. Type the following command:


net stop "windows update"

Press your enter key to stop the update process.

Step 5

Restart your computer at a suitable time to resume or finish the update.