How to Translate an Adobe Document Into English

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Translating Adobe documents can be done on any computer connected to the Internet

Documents published in Adobe, also known as PDF documents, are not especially difficult to translate on computers connected to the Internet. Unlike documents written in word processors like Microsoft Word, the content of PDF documents must be transferred into another program before they can be rendered into another language. The translation provided by the free online services is not always accurate, however, and some of the formatting elements in PDF documents may result in some additional errors; a quick proofread should clean up most of these issues.


Step 1

Open the Adobe document.

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Step 2

Open the program you wish to use to translate the document. If you simply want to read it once, an online translation service such as Google Translate or Bing Translator will work well. If you want to save a copy of your translation, open a word processor such as Microsoft Word.


Step 3

Return to the Adobe document and select the text you want to translate by clicking on the right mouse button and choosing "copy." If you want to translate the entire document, you can "select all" by holding down the Control key while you hit the letter "a."

Step 4

Return to your translation program (either the web translator or the word processor) and paste in your document. If you are using the word processor, click on the "Review" tab on the horizontal ribbon and click on the command labeled "Translate."



Step 5

Select the source language and destination language for your translation. The source language may be already in place with the "auto-detect" feature, but you should doublecheck anyway. Click on the "translate" command (it may appear as a green arrow or the word "go") and your translation will appear.


Step 6

Review the translation for errors, particularly when formatting commands with headers and footers are misinterpreted as text. If you are intending to share this translation, be sure to remove all these obvious errors.



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