How to Translate a Word Document From English to Spanish

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You can easily translate Word documents using a variety of different tools.
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You can easily translate Word documents using a variety of different tools. Word actually offers an incorporated translator but outside translators are also readily available for free. The only downside to a translator is the lack of slang and the inability to capture regional dialects. For general translation purposes, however, the Word tool or a free service functions well.


Translating within Word

First, write the Word document in English and use the spell check function and general editing to ensure the document is grammatically correct. Avoid using slang as some words will not translate and the document may lose context. After completing the edits and checking for spelling errors, it's ready to translate the text. Save a backup of the file to ensure the original remains intact in the event of errors in the translation.

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Your version of Word may have translator included but older versions may require an upgrade. Visit the Microsoft Office store to get the Microsoft translator integrated with Word. Now, highlight the text for English to Spanish translation sentences function. This works for translating documents into multiple other languages as well. Highlight the entire document if desired.


Look to the main navigation menu and select the Review option to generate a new list of options in the subheadings. Locate the Translate option and click to view a new set of options. Click on Translate Selected Text and a window will appear on the right-hand side of the window. Choose English as the existing language and Spanish as the translated language. Choose to Insert and the highlighted text will change to Spanish. If you choose the Copy option, it will replicate the text in Spanish and both versions will remain on the page.

Free Translate Software

Numerous free document translation software programs are readily available. Run a quick web search to reveal the long list of options. Google translate is a very reliable and frequently used option. Avoid using any program that requires a download as the best free translators work right in the browser.


Copy the Word document text and paste it directly into Google translate or another free program. Adjust the settings to translate from English to Spanish and click the Translate option. The translated text will appear when the program completes the translation. Copy the new text and paste into the Word document.

The formatting is the only issue with many translate programs. After pasting the translation text, highlight the new text and adjust the font as needed. It may require changes to the alignment settings as well. After the formatting is returned to normal, the document is translated and ready for readers.


Personalized Translation Services

The final option is a personalized translation service. While Microsoft Word translate and other free translators are easy and convenient, a personalized service can translate into the correct dialect and the document will flow more naturally. Many native Spanish speakers are aware when a translation software program has been used.

Personalized translation services are very common but they do come with associated fees. A short document is likely very affordable while a long, in-depth document will cost more. The exact prices vary by agency and you will need to research and find quotes for the job. Make sure to specify the desired regional dialect as well to receive an ideal translation of the text.


If a translation agency is too expensive, consider hiring a local Spanish speaker or visit a school or library to track down translation resources. Many communities offer English courses and translating to Spanish through these programs is a possibility.