How to Change the Language in Dreamweaver

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All versions of Adobe Dreamweaver are designed with one native language. When you purchase the software, you purchase it with only one language option. Although users cannot change the language of Dreamweaver tools, menus, toolbars and buttons, they can change the editing language using the spelling dictionary to create multilingual web pages. Dreamweaver installs several language dictionaries by default, including Dutch, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


Step 1

Open Dreamweaver; if you plan to work on a project now, you can create a new page or open an existing page.

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Step 2

Select "File," "Preferences" or press "Control" + "U" to bring up the Preferences dialog box.


Step 3

Navigate to the "General" tab on the left side of the dialog box. At the bottom of the box, you'll see a command called "Spelling Dictionary" with a drop-down menu next to it.

Step 4

Select the desired language from the "Spelling Dictionary" drop-down menu. Click "OK" to save your changes.

Step 5

Change the language back to English using this same process when you're finished editing your web pages in the foreign language.


The latest version, Dreamweaver Creative Cloud, is a cloud-based application. Dreamweaver Creative Cloud enables you to change the installation language of the application as well. To do so, first log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, click the gear icon on your account page. Select "Preferences," "Apps" and then choose your installation language. After changing your language preference, uninstall Dreamweaver Creative Cloud on your computer, and then reinstall it. When you reinstall it, the installer retrieves your language preference from your Creative Cloud account and applies it to the installation automatically.


The above procedures works with versions of Dreamweaver from MX to CS6. Methods for earlier versions may vary slightly or considerably.