How to Type Telugu in a Microsoft Word Document

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You can use a Telugu or English keyboard to type Telugu.
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Telugu is a language spoken primarily in southeastern India. To type Telugu in a Microsoft Word document, you need to change how both Windows 8 and Word understand your keyboard input. While you can use an English-language keyboard, you may want to relabel it with Telugu characters.


Keyboard Settings

From the Start screen, type "Control Panel" and press "Enter." Under the Clock, Language, and Region heading, click "Change input methods." On the Change your language preferences screen, select "Add a language." Select Telugu and click "Add" to make Telugu a recognized keyboard layout.


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Microsoft Word Settings

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word. Click "File," then select "Options" from the bottom of the list. Click "Language." Click the drop-down menu box labeled "Add additional editing languages" and select "Telugu." Click "OK" to go back to the document editing screen. Press "Alt-Shift" to switch your typing language; if you have more than two languages available for editing, you may need to press "Alt-Shift" multiple times to select Telugu. The blue bar at the bottom of the screen shows which language is currently selected for input. You can now start typing in Telugu; switch back to English or any other editing language by pressing "Alt-Shift" again.





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