How to Change the Interface From Russian to English in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word allows you to change the primary language used for almost all features, including menu tools, text and numbering. This change is performed in the "Microsoft Office Language Settings," but you must first have the languages installed in your operating system. United States users will already have English installed on their systems, as will many other countries whose languages use an English base. Having the language already installed simplifies changing the interface from Russian to English.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button, "All Programs," "Microsoft Office," "Microsoft Office Tools" and finally "Microsoft Office Language Settings."

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Step 2

Click "English (United States)" from the list of "Available editing languages" and click "Add."


Step 3

Click "Russian (Russia)" from the list of "Enabled editing languages" and click "Remove." This is optional and only necessary if you want to remove the Russian language from Microsoft Office.


Step 4

Click the drop-down menu in the "Primary editing language" section and select "English (United States)."

Step 5

Click "OK."

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