How to Change All Text at Once in InDesign

By Elle Smith

InDesign is the page document and layout software included in Adobe Creative Suite. Text-heavy brochures and multi-page catalogs often consist of many different fonts, typefaces and weights. As the designer, you might change your mind about your choice of fonts during production or might need to make room on the page for additional images. Changing all the text at once is easily done if you want to make your type consistent throughout the document.

Step 1

Open the InDesign document that contains the text you want to change.

Step 2

Press "Alt+A" in Windows or "Command +A" on a Mac to select all the text in the document.

Step 3

Select "Font" from the main menu, then scroll down to "Find Font."

Step 4

Highlight the font you want to change in "Find Fonts in Document." Click the pull-down menu in the "Replace With" pane. Select the font in the "Font Family" dialog box. Change the attribute of the font in the "Font Style" dialog box.

Step 5

Click "Change All" to make the changes to all text at once. Click "Done" when complete.