How to Convert a JPG to TTF

TTF files contain fonts.

A TrueType file, using the file extension .TTF, is the most common file format by which computer systems read and render fonts because of its near universal compatibility with all operating systems. However, you cannot create a font as a .TTF; you must first design the font in a graphics program and then save the file using an extension such as .JPG. After the font is saved as a JPEG, you use a vector graphics editor to convert the desired font into a vector-format, and then feed the vector file into a font-creator application that saves the file as a .TTF.

Step 1

Open your .JPG font file in your vector graphics program. Convert the image to a vector graphic using the "Trace" command or similar option in your program.

Step 2

Save the vector file to your hard drive or desktop.

Step 3

Open your font creation program. Import your vector file using the "Import" command or similar option in your program.

Step 4

Adjust the look of your font, as desired, using any editing tools included with your program. Most font creation applications include editing tools that allow you to sharpen your font and adjust kerning, or spacing.

Step 5

Choose "Save As" from your font creation application and enter a name for your file. Choose .TTF as your file extension – depending on your program, you may need to choose this from a pull down menu – and click "Save" to save the file as a .TTF to your hard drive or desktop.

Things You'll Need

  • Vector graphics program such as CoralDraw, Adobe Streamline or the open-source application Inkscape

  • Font creation application, such as FontLab, Fontographer or the open-source application FontForge

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