How to Embed a Font in Adobe InDesign

Embedded fonts help maintain the appearance of your documents in other applications.
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You can use the Advanced category of InDesign's Adobe PDF options to adjust the threshold for embedding complete fonts in exported PDF files. By decreasing this threshold to 0%, InDesign embeds all document fonts into the exported file. You can also embed fonts by exporting your document to an EPS file -- known as an Encapsulated PostScript file -- which can then be imported into other applications. Some OpenType fonts contain a "No Embedding" permission which restricts InDesign from embedding these fonts in electronic documents.

Exporting to PDF with Embedded Fonts

Step 1

Open the InDesign document containing the fonts you wish to embed in the file. Alternatively, create a new document and then add text formatted with the font you wish to embed.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu, mouse-over "Adobe PDF Presets" and then select one of the Adobe PDF Presets from the menu. For example, select "[High Quality Print]…" for high quality and large file size, or "[Smallest File Size]…" for a lower quality with the smallest file size possible.

Step 3

Locate the folder where you wish to export your PDF file and then click "Save" to open the Export Adobe PDF window.

Step 4

Click "Advanced" from the left sidebar. Enter "0%" into the field next to "Subset Fonts When Percent of Characters Used is Less Than" under the Fonts group.

Step 5

Click the "Export" button. Depending on the quality and file size of your document, InDesign may take a few minutes to finish exporting to a PDF file.

Exporting to EPS with Embedded Fonts

Step 1

Create a new InDesign document, or open an existing one, with the fonts you wish to embed.

Step 2

Click "File" and then "Export…" Click the "Save as Type" drop-down, select "EPS" and then "Save." The Export EPS dialog appears.

Step 3

Click the "Embed Fonts" drop-down and select "Complete." If you leave this option as "Subset," then only the characters used in the document will be embedded rather than the entire font.

Step 4

Click the "Export" button. The Exporting EPS window appears, indicating the progress. Depending on the size and quality of your document, the EPS file may take a few minutes to finish exporting.


When you embed a subset of a font, only the characters, also known as glyphs, are embedded in the file.

To save your Export Adobe PDF preset, click the "Save Preset…" button in the Export Adobe PDF dialog, enter a name into the "Save Preset As" field and then click "OK."

To always embed fonts in InDesign, click "File," "Preferences" and then "General," or press "Ctrl-K." Enter "0" into the "Always Subset Fonts with Glyph Counts Greater Than" field under Font Downloading and Embedding and then click the "OK" button.