How to Convert AI to Ttf

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Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics creation and editing program, natively saves files in the ".AI" format. Most fonts for your computer are saved in ".TTF" (True Type Font) format, which requires a special font-editing program to open and edit. If you create images or letters in Adobe Illustrator that you want to convert into a TTF file so you can use them in other programs as a font, the best method is to install a font-editing program that can import AI files.


Step 1

Download and install the free trial of a font-editing software program that can import AI files, like FontLab Studio, FontCreator or AsiaFont Studio.

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Step 2

Go to "File > Import" and select your AI file(s). Click "Open." Depending on how you saved your letters or images, you may need to import each image as a separate character or import one large image and splice it into separate characters.


Step 3

Go to "File > Save As" and save your new font in TTF format.



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