How to Delete Blank Space in Word Document

Take the first step in deleting unwanted spaces by accessing Microsoft Word’s Show/Hide button. Display all the hidden paragraph marks and format symbols that create empty space, such as blank pages, and then delete the unwanted formatting. A more compact layout helps emphasize your content for onscreen viewing and printouts. Customize the paragraph format for a more streamlined look as your readers view your document from start to finish.

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Adjust the line spacing to single spacing to create a more compact look.
credit: Mario Ragma/Hemera/Getty Images

Display the Hidden Symbols

View your document with nonprinting characters by selecting the View tab’s "Draft" button in the Views group and then pressing "Ctrl-Shift-8" or "Ctrl-*" to display the paragraph markers and other formatting. Deleting selected paragraph markers and the page break quickly removes this extra space.

Reformat the Paragraphs

Update a paragraph's format by removing unwanted indentations or spaces between paragraphs. For example, click the "Home" tab and then the tiny arrow button in the lower corner of the Paragraph group to launch the dialog box with the Indents And Spacing tab sheet. Minimize the space between paragraphs by changing the values in the Spacing section, such as entering "0 pt" in the Before and After fields. For another example, remove Word's default line spacing of 1.15, and select "Single" in the Line Spacing section for single line spacing. The Preview box will update this streamlined effect on the sample text before you save this edited format.

Remove Spaces Between Words

Remove extra spaces, such two spaces after a period, by pressing "Ctrl-H" to open the Find and Replace dialog. For example, enter two spaces in the "Find What" field on the Replace tab sheet and then enter one space in the "Replace With" field. Select "Replace All" to search the whole document and remove the extra spaces. The Replace All feature saves you time when updating long Word documents.