How to Remove Underlining From a Document in Microsoft Word

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Apply or remove underlining in Word 2007 or later in the same ways.
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Microsoft Word enables you to underline individual words -- or entire document sections -- using ribbon and menu options, as well as keyboard shortcuts. While you're at it, you can even apply different kinds of underlining -- such as single, double, decorative, words-only and blank-space underlines. Use the same formatting options to remove underlining with ease. Begin by selecting the underlined text you want to reformat.


Use Font Options

Right-click on the underlined text you selected. Choose "Font" from the pop-up menu to reveal the Font screen. In the Underline Style box, select "(none)." Then click "OK" to remove the underlining.


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Use Ribbon

With your underlined text highlighted, click the "Home" tab. Click the "U" button on the Home pane ribbon's Font section -- once to remove a single underline, or twice to remove any other underlining format.


Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Press "Ctrl-U" on your computer's keyboard to remove the underline from your selected text. This quickly reformats one underlined word, phrase or section in your document. If you want to rid an entire document of underlining, first press "Ctrl-A" to highlight the entire document, then press "Ctrl -U" twice -- the first time to underline everything and the second time to clear all underlining.





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