How to Troubleshoot a Dish Network With No Sound

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The receiver and satellite dish work together to provide sound to the television signal.

A Dish Network satellite connection that lacks proper sound severely impairs the satellite viewing experience, but fortunately you can diagnose and fix any potential sound problems with your Dish Network satellite dish and receiver yourself without relying on previous electronics repair experience. Using nothing more than the included satellite materials, repair the satellite angle, any cable connection issues and reinstate audio to your setup.


Step 1

Ensure the Dish Network satellite receiver's power cable snugly plugs into the power source.

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Step 2

Check over the audio and video connections made between the Dish Network satellite receiver and the television. A standard composite cable for hooking the audio and video to the television ships with the Dish Network satellite dish. There is a prong on each end of the composite cable, one each for the left and right speakers and one for the video; red, white and yellow. Match one end of the prong to the back of the Dish Network receiver and on the rear of your television. Ensure the prongs match their color-coded port. The yellow prong plugs into the yellow port, each white prong into the white port and each red prong into a red port.


Step 3

Confirm the coaxial cable plugs correctly into the Dish Network satellite receiver. The coaxial cable is the black cable that comes out of the rear of the Dish Network satellite dish. Inside its screw-on connector note the small fine hard wire. It must seat properly into the "Ant In" marked port on the back of the Dish Network satellite receiver, otherwise your signal will be affected and audio may fail. Check this on the receiver end as well. If the hard wire does not seat into the port on either end, and the screw connection is not tight enough, this will cause audio or even video problems.


Step 4

Access the satellite receiver's menu using the "Menu" button on the Dish Network controller. Choose the "Signal Meter Screen" option, then go outside to the Dish Network satellite and station a friend with the signal meter, which displays on the TV.


Step 5

Attempt to re-angle the Dish Network satellite in order to achieve better reception and improve audio quality. Begin by making slight elevation (up and down) adjustments to the Dish Network satellite, and then wait about 10 seconds for the signal meter screen to gauge your adjustment and provide guidance as to the dish position. Use this to determine how close it is to proper realignment and its relationship with the coordinates in the sky above. Continue with this guide as you fine-tune elevation adjustments.


Step 6

Re-angle the Dish Network satellite by making slight azimuth (left and right) adjustments to the dish and wait approximately 10 seconds, again using the satellite receiver's "Signal Meter" screen as guidance. Continue fine-tuning until proper sound is restored.




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