How to Troubleshoot a Soniq Plasma TV

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Soniq plasma televisions provide wide-screen, flat panel high-definition video with several HDMI inputs to take advantage of other electronic devices that put out high-definition signals. If your Soniq plasma TV stops functioning properly, try several things to attempt to fix the problem before having the television professionally repaired or replaced.


Step 1

Turn off the power and unplug the television.

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Step 2

Unplug all wires connected to the television and wait 30 seconds.

Step 3

Reconnect all wires to the television, making sure they are all in their proper inputs.


Step 4

Plug in the television and turn it on. If the television turns on, go to the next step. If not, you will need to have it professionally repaired.

Step 5

Press the "Input" button on the remote control to cycle through video inputs until you have a video signal. If you are able to find a video signal, go to Step 6. If not, check the inputs again and make sure the video source device is on and functioning. If you still cannot get a picture, you will need to have your television professionally repaired.


Step 6

Press "Aspect" on the remote control to cycle through the available aspect ratios.


Step 7

Press "Picture" to cycle through the predefined picture modes.

Step 8

Press "Menu," then select "Display" from the onscreen menu. Adjust the contrast and brightness settings to fine-tune the picture.


Step 9

Select "VGA Mode" if your television is connected to a PC. From the setup menu, select "Auto Sync" to automatically adjust the screen.

Step 10

Contact your dealer for warranty information if you were not able to diagnose and solve the problem.

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