How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba HDTV That Will Not Turn On

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If your Toshiba HDTV does not turn on, it's very likely that the problem will be easy to find and resolve. Most HDTV power-on issues are easy to fix without special training. You can save time and money by following a handful of troubleshooting procedures before you resort to contacting outside assistance.


Step 1

Press the "Power" button on the TV's control panel if the TV does not respond to the remote control.

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Step 2

Verify that the Toshiba HDTV's power cord is securely plugged into the wall socket if your TV does not power up.

Step 3

Unplug the power cord from the electrical wall socket if your TV still does not power up. Wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This will reset the Toshiba HDTV if it has stopped responding to both the remote and the control panel. Press the "Power" button on the TV control panel to turn the TV on.


Step 4

Check that the electrical wall socket is receiving power. Confirm that the socket where the TV is plugged in is not controlled by a switch or timer or that the surge protector on a power strip is not tripped. Plug a working lamp or other electrical device into the socket. If that device does not work, plug the TV's power cord into a different socket and attempt to power up the TV.

Step 5

Check the remote control's battery if the remote stops working and the Toshiba HDTV still responds to the power switch at the TV's control panel. Verify that the batteries are fresh and are properly oriented in the battery compartment. Wipe out the battery casing with a clean, soft, disposable cloth. Move objects out of the way of the path between the TV and remote control. Wipe off the sensor tip of the remote control and aim it directly at the Infrared sensor on the TV.


If the reverse situation occurs and your Toshiba HDTV won't turn off, hold the power button on the TV control panel in for five or more seconds to reset the TV.


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