How to Troubleshoot a Westinghouse 32-Inch LCD

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Few things can be more frustrating than sitting down to watch the big game for the weekend and discovering your TV is not doing what it is supposed to be doing. For owners of the Westinghouse 32-inch LCD TVs, learn a few troubleshooting techniques for any problems that arise.


Step 1

Make sure the TV has power. Turn it on both with the remote and on the TV itself. Check the AC plug to make sure it is plugged securely into both the TV and the wall. Try plugging another device into the outlet to make sure the problem is not with the outlet itself.

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Step 2

Check all your other connections. If you have power but are getting no picture or sound, make sure all your other cables are plugged in securely. Check to make sure the cables are snug, both at the TV and at the input devices. Make sure everything is plugged into the proper input. Often people will plug a composite cable into a component cable input. As a last step, try plugging the input device, like a DVD player, into another TV to make sure the problem is not the input device.


Step 3

Adjust your antenna or cable box connection. If you are getting snow or an unclear image, make sure your antenna or cable is connected tightly. Try adjusting the antenna to see if that clears up the picture.

Step 4

Check your sound settings. If you do not have sound, make sure the mute button has not been pressed. Turn the volume up and down using both the remote and the controls on the television. Finally, make sure there are no headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the TV.


Step 5

Check the audio and video settings on the TV. Pull up the TV's menu and make sure all of the audio and video settings are correct. Make sure the brightness, contrast and color are all properly set. Also, make sure the speakers are not turned off.

Step 6

If all else fails, contact Westinghouse customer support. You can call Westinghouse at (866) 287-5555 or email them at There is also a helpful FAQ section on the website (see link in Resources).


Make sure your remote has fresh batteries.

Try moving the TV away from any electrical devices that may cause interference, such as a microwave or blender.


Never open up your TV or try any electrical work on the set. Doing so will void your warranty.