How to Troubleshoot the Moultrie Digital Trail Camera

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Make quick fixes to your Moultrie game camera so you can get back to tracking game.

Moultrie produces a large line of digital trail cameras that help hunters track down game in the wilderness. The cameras are equipped with motion sensors and powerful flashes that allow the cameras to detect moving objects without human operations. Hunters typically mount the cameras on posts or tie them to trees and leave them for one or two days. Operating a Moultrie digital camera is quite simple, but their functions may be impaired from time to time.

Step 1

Reduce the chances of getting a blurry picture by setting the camera to "Multi-Shot" mode. Turn the main dial to "Setup" and press either of the directional buttons until the screen reads "Multi-Shot." Press "Change" to select the mode. Chose either 1,2, or 3 on the screen, which will dictate how many shots will be consecutively made in this mode. Then press "Select." Put the camera back into "Auto" mode so that it will resume operation.

Step 2

Maximize the camera's line of sight by moving any branches, grass or other unwanted objects that may get in the way of the lens. Moving these objects will maximize the space in the camera frame where game can appear. If you cannot move the objects, reposition the camera itself.

Step 3

Look at the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen to see if the battery power is low. The battery's remaining power is listed on the screen beside the letter "B." If the battery percentage reads "B:10%" or less, it is time to replace the batteries. Check the manual of your Moultrie Digital camera to see what sort of battery it takes. Most units take either "C" or "D" sized batteries.

Step 4

Set the camera to "Auto" rather than "Handheld" if the Moultrie camera is not taking pictures when you leave it at a post. The camera will stay on when left in "Auto" mode and will take pictures of anything that moves by its frame of view. In "Handheld" mode the camera turns itself off if not used within two minutes in order to save battery power.

Step 5

Ensure that your Moultrie camera has sufficient memory to take pictures. If the memory card on the camera is full, it will not be able to record anymore game images. Turn off the camera and take the Secure Digital (SD) card out of the camera and connect it to a computer with an SD reader, or connect the camera itself to a computer. Check the capacity of the SD card to make sure there is memory left on it. If the card is full, load the pictures onto the computer and format it. Reload the SD into the camera and test it to see if it will record pictures.

Step 6

Look at the bottom of the SD card you are using with the camera to make sure that it is not switched to "Protect" mode. If the card is in "Protect" mode, it will not be able to record images. When "Protect" mode is switched off, the disk will be able to record images again.