The Flash Won't Work on My Moultrie Game Camera

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Moultrie game cameras are designed to take candid pictures of wildlife.

Moultrie game cameras are motion-activated cameras in camouflaged casings. These cameras are placed beside pathways or trails that wildlife is known to use. The pictures these cameras capture are often revealing about the habits of the wildlife. Some of these camera models have built-in flashes. If the flash is not working on your Moultrie game camera, you can try a few steps to get it working again.


Step 1

Remove and replace the batteries in your Moultrie game camera. Like all digital cameras, they need a regular and constant supply of power to work properly. If the battery is too low or does not supply reliable power, the flash might not work.

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Step 2

Check the "flash off" setting on the camera. Digital cameras are designed to automatically engage the flash when it is needed. They also have a setting that allows photographers to turn the flash off. When the flash is turned off, even if it is needed the flash will not fire. Moultrie recommends entering the camera's setup mode to make sure that in the flash menu, the flash is set to "Auto."



Step 3

Check the ISO setting on the camera. ISO sets the camera's sensitivity to light. If a high ISO setting is selected, the camera might not engage the flash in low-light conditions.




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