How to Set Up Continuous Shooting Mode on a Nikon D60

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The Nikon D60 camera default setting is for single shots. If you have a quick finger, you can take several shots rapidly, but for best results, use the D60's continuous or burst shutter release mode. This can fire up to three frames per second each time you press the shutter button. Knowing how to quickly set the camera for continuous shooting will give you the ability to capture fast action, which is particularly helpful when photographing sports or wildlife. This mode is also helpful for group portraits when it can be difficult to get everybody to hold still and keep their eyes open


Step 1

Power on the camera. Press the Quick Settings Display button on the back left side of the camera four times to get to the Release Mode in the camera's menu. The Quick Settings Display button has a magnifying glass pictured on it.


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Step 2

Press the right Arrow on the multi-directional button on the back of the camera to enter the options menu for the release settings.


Step 3

Press the down arrow on the multi-directional button on the back of the camera to select the icon that looks like multiple windows layered on top of each other. This option is the continuous shooting mode, also known as burst mode.


Step 4

Press the "OK" button on the left of the back of the camera to set continuous shooting.


Step 5

Focus the camera on what you want to photograph and hold down the shutter button to use continuous shooting.




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