How to Turn Off the Flash on a Sony Cybershot

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Buying a new Sony Cybershot digital camera opens up a world of creativity. You can take pictures of your kids, pets, and family and share them over the Internet with anyone who's interested. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to turn the flash off to capture a few candid moments of your loved ones or to capture the true feel of an indoor setting.


Step 1

Power on your digital camera and ensure that it is in camera mode and ready to take a still picture. Most Sony Cybershots label this mode with a picture of a small camera.

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Step 2

Locate the small lightning bolt on the back of your camera's body. It is usually the up arrow on your camera's directional pad.


Step 3

Cycle through the settings for your flash by pressing the up button until your display gives you the indicator that the flash is off. The indicator is a crossed-out lightning bolt with a circle around it.


Step 4

Take a picture to test and make sure your flash does not fire.



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