Sony Cyber-shot Digital Photography Tips

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The Sony Cyber-shot line of digital cameras is an exceptionally popular group of cameras designed for the consumer camera market. The often pocket-sized digital cameras were created for entry-level customers who want digital cameras that are easy to use, and make sharing pictures with friends and family simple to do. If you have recently purchased a Sony Cyber-shot camera, there are a few things you can do to ensure you're taking great pictures all the time.


Use the Scene Settings

All Sony Cyber-shot cameras come with a variety of built-in scene settings to help you take pictures in different conditions. Scene settings such as sand/snow, night and sports will automatically adjust the settings in your camera to be ideal for that particular situation. Many Cyber-shot cameras have the scene settings available on a wheel on the top of the camera. If your camera does not have a wheel on top, you will access the scene settings by pressing the "Menu" button on the back of the camera and scrolling down to "Scene Settings."


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Use Autofocus

All Sony Cyber-shot cameras come with a built-in autofocus. In order to use the autofocus, press the shutter button down halfway. Once your subject is in focus the way you want, press the shutter button down the remainder of the way in order to take a picture.



Depending on what model Cyber-shot camera you have you may have a variety of different manual settings at your disposal. One easy manual setting to learn how to use is ISO. The ISO setting in your camera determines how sensitive the camera's sensor is to light. Typically you will want to use a low ISO in bright situations to make the camera less sensitive to light and a high ISO in darker situations to make it more sensitive. Experiment in different settings with different ISO options to get a feel for what works best. Sometimes using the "wrong" ISO can make for some creative and interesting shots. You can adjust the ISO on your camera by pressing the button on the back of the camera marked "ISO."





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