How to Turn Off DHCP on Netgear

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Routers configure IP addresses automatically, acting as DHCP servers.

A router, by default, assigns an IP to each computer that connects to it. This automatic assignment allows the router to tell where packets come from and where they must end up. Packets are small bite-sized "telegrams" sent across the Internet that contain source addresses, destination information and parts of a message. To configure a static, or unchangeable, IP address on a computer, you must first disable DHCP on your Netgear router.


Step 1

Type "" (without quotes) in a browser's address bar and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

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Step 2

Type "admin" as your username and "password" as the password (again, without quotes) when you receive a prompt asking you for these credentials.


Step 3

Click Lan IP Setup on the left side of the page you enter.


Step 4

Clear the check box labeled "Use Router as DHCP Server." Click "Apply" when you finish. Your router no longer assigns IPs automatically once you have done this.