How to Turn Off Protect Mode on My Kenwood Stereo Receiver

By Heather Wilkins

Kenwood equips its receivers with a protection mode to safeguard them. Your stereo receiver is going into protection mode because the receiver has an internal short, a speaker is bad or the speaker wiring has a problem, such as incorrect wire gauge or bad connections. Many of the problems that trigger protection mode can be resolved or at least diagnosed by tech-savvy owners, without bringing your car into the shop.

Step 1

Reset the receiver by removing the face plate and pressing the "Reset" button with a paperclip. If this solution doesn't fix the problem, continue with troubleshooting and reset the receiver after each step.

Step 2

Turn off the receiver and disconnect all speaker wires.

Step 3

Turn on the receiver. If it quickly shuts off, the receiver has an internal short, according to Kenwood. Contact Kenwood customer service to have the unit repaired.

Step 4

Connect one speaker at a time. If the receiver shuts off after connecting a speaker, that speaker's wiring or the speaker itself has a problem.

Step 5

Replace any faulty wiring.

Step 6

Replace a speaker if you have replaced its wiring and your receiver is still going into protection mode.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you replace your speakers' wiring, use at least 16 gauge wiring. Make sure the wire ends are twisted together tightly and that they aren't pushed in too far when you're connecting the wire to the receiver or speaker. Connect multiple speaker wires with terminals and use insulated wire. (ref 1, question 4)