How to Fix a Sony Receiver Protector Error

The Protector error on Sony amplifiers and home theater receivers means there is an internal speaker issue or connection issue that may soon damage the receiver. To protect its components, the receiver automatically goes into protect or protector mode, flashing the error in the receiver's display. Heat, volume level and incorrect DVD settings may be the cause of the problem. This is usually a problem you can resolve yourself without any tools or technical expertise.

Frayed speaker wires can cause a Sony receiver Protector error.
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Step 1

Examine your volume setting to be certain that your volume knob is not at maximum. Having your volume cranked too high can cause the capacitors to overheat, forcing the receiver into protect mode.

Step 2

Unplug your receiver and disconnect all of the speaker wires speakers from the terminals on the back of the receiver. Examine each wire to make sure the ends are tightly twisted without any frays. A single loose strand of wire can trigger the receiver's protect mode. Cut the wire if needed to ensure the end is intact.

Step 3

Wait at least 30 minutes to allow all of the components to cool down. Overheating may be the cause of the Protector error. Plug your receiver back in and look for the same error message. If you continue to get the protector error without having your speakers connected, you can rule out a problem with the speakers themselves. The error may be caused by an internal electrical problem so, in this case, contact Sony about finding a repair center.

Step 4

Connect one speaker to the receiver, being careful not to cross the positive and negative speaker wires. After each connection, test your amp by running it with a source. Give each speaker a few minutes of power before connecting the next one. This will help you isolate which speaker terminal is causing the error. When the protector error returns, take note of which speaker connection caused it. Check this speaker wire for shorts or torn shielding.

Step 5

Examine your ohm rating of your speakers if you have no shorts or wiring issues. Sony receivers are not compatible with speakers lower than 4 ohms. Connecting a lower ohm-rated speaker will cause an error.

Step 6

Turn off the surround sound option if you have both your A and B position speakers in use.

Step 7

Keep your receiver well ventilated. Overheating due to poor ventilation can also cause Protector errors.

Step 8

Examine the sampling frequency of your connected DVD player. If the error only occurs when you watch a DVD, the sampling frequency of the DVD player may be set too high. Check the sampling rating in your receiver's manual and in the DVD player's menu settings. You may have to connect your receiver to your DVD player with a different cable standard if the sampling frequency is causing your error message.