How to Turn Off the Camera Noise on an iPod Touch

The fifth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 7 comes with built-in cameras on the front and back of the device that you can use to take pictures. At times, you may prefer to take a picture without drawing attention to yourself or take a picture of wildlife without scaring away the animals. The iPod Touch does not come with a specific toggle switch to disable the camera shutter noise, so you must resort to other methods to mute the sound.

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Ringer and Alerts

The Settings app provides an option to reduce the ringer and alert sounds on your iPod Touch. This option also changes the volume of the shutter sound. Tap the "Settings" app, select "Sounds" and slide the "Ringer and Alerts" slider to the left to reduce the sound. You can also turn the "Change With Buttons" option to the On position so that you can adjust the sound using the volume buttons on the side of the device. Using the slider and the volume buttons, you can reduce the sound of the camera click substantially, although you can't eliminate it entirely.

Hardware Options

While no specific hardware option to disable the shutter sound exists, you can disable all sounds including the camera click by using the "Ring/Silent" switch on the side of your device. Push down on the switch to disable all sounds on your device before you take a picture. In addition, you can cover up the speakers on the bottom of the device to muffle the sound or plug headphones into the headphone jack, which results in the sound playing in the headphones and not out loud.

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