How to Turn on Adobe Flash Player

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Turning on Adobe Flash Player is as simple as installing the software for it and modifying a few settings in your browser. The following set of instructions will take you through this relatively easy procedure.

How to Turn on Adobe Flash Player

Step 1

Visit Adobe's website (see link in Resources). Install Adobe Flash Player. Make sure you check the minimum system requirements for the computer before installing Adobe Flash Player.


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Step 2

Open Internet Explorer.

Step 3

Set the security setting to the medium default level as this will allow you to view flash content. To access this option, navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Security.


Step 4

Set "Download Signed ActiveX Controls" and "Run ActiveX Controls and Plug ins" to "Prompt" if you choose to set your security at a custom level. To do so, follow this path: Open Internet Explorer, navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Security > ActiveX Controls > Plug ins.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to the Internet

  • Basis computer skills

  • Minimum system requirements


Print these directions before starting for easy access to them.


Setting the security level to high will prevent you from viewing flash content.