How to Turn On Autosave For Your Word Documents

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It's frustrating when working for hours on a document in Word and then having either the application hang or the power go out on you. In situations like this, "auto save" will be your best friend. Enable auto save in Word so next time something unexpected happens, you won't lose all your work.


Step 1

Open Word -- if you are using a Mac -- and click on "Word" in the menu bar and click "preferences." This will open up the word preferences dialog box. Click on "save." A new save menu will open to allow you to specify how you want your Word docs to be auto saved. Click "OK." Next time your Word document hangs, you can force quit the application and reopen it to find that all your data is still there.


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Step 2

Open Word -- if you are using a PC -- and click on "Tools," "Options" and the "Save" tab. Click the box next to "Save auto recovery info" to enable that feature. Enabling this feature will cause the file to auto save at specific intervals chosen by you in the event the system hangs or your power goes out.


Step 3

Create a test page to see the new feature in action.



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