How to Enable the Copy & Paste Functions in a Browser

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Copy and paste with ease.

Copying and pasting from a browser window is a quick, easy way to gather data to work with in other programs. You can use this feature to copy text, emails or URL addresses. The Internet Explorer browser has this function built into its list of commands that you can turn on and off. The copy and paste feature can help you make accurate copies of information from the Internet.


Copy and Paste Function in Internet Explorer

Step 1

Open your Internet Explorer browser window.

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Step 2

Click on "Tools" from the top menu bar. This will cause a drop-down menu to appear.


Step 3

Left-click on the word "Options." This will cause a dialog box to appear.

Step 4

Left-click on the tab that says "Security." This will jump you to a new view within the dialog box.


Step 5

Left-click on the words "Custom Level." The dialog box you see will have a long list of options for customizing your browser.

Step 6

Scroll down until you see the word "Miscellaneous." Under this, you will see "Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Files." Next you will see the options to either "Enable" or "Disable."


Step 7

Left-click on the small circle next to the word "Enable." When you do this, the small circle next to the word will fill in with a black dot.

Step 8

Move your mouse to the bottom of the page and left-click the word "Okay." This will close the second dialog box.

Step 9

Left-click the word "Okay" in the first dialog box.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Browser window

  • Mouse


You can use this function to copy a website address and paste it into the top address bar of your browser.

If there is a phrase or name you want to research, this function lets you copy and paste the target into a search engine


Be careful to only click the enable box on your custom level list. Accidentally clicking something else could change things you did not intend to change in your browser window.