How to Turn on the Clicking Sound on My Mouse Pointer

By Andrew Meer

Configure the operating system to play a clicking sound when performing certain actions with your mouse.

Operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 allow you to play sounds while navigating through files and folders, or when performing certain actions such as opening or closing applications. Use the Sound configurations panel to manually select the actions for which you want to hear sounds when interacting with your mouse.

Step 1

Right-click the Volume icon on the system tray, and then select Sounds.

The Sound configurations panel shows up.

Step 2

Click the Sounds tab. The Program Events section lists various events that can play sounds while interacting with them using your mouse.

  • Start Navigation - Opening files and folders using File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  • Close Program - Closing applications
  • Maximize - Maximizing applications
  • Minimize - Minimizing applications
  • Menu Commands - Selecting items on context menus.
  • Open Program - Opening applications
  • Restore Up - Restore up application after minimizing
  • Restore Down - Restore down application to normal size
  • Select - Selecting items on desktop

For example, to play clicking sounds while navigating through files and folders via File Explorer (Windows Explorer on Windows 7), select Start Navigation.

Select a Program Event from the list.

Step 3

Open the Sounds menu, and then select Windows Navigation Start from the list of available sounds.

The Windows Navigation Start sound produces a distinct clicking sound.


Test the various sounds using the Test button.To remove the sound from an event, select the event, and then select None on the Sounds menu.

Step 4

Click Apply, and then click OK to save the changes.

Changes are applied instantly and require no computer restart.


To revert back to the default settings, click the pull-down menu under Sound Scheme and then select Windows Default. You can also save various sound schemes by clicking the Save As button, which you can later select from the Sound Scheme pull-down menu.

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