How to Type in Special Characters on a Cell Phone

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You can type special characters into cell phones through the phone's special character input mode.

Because cell phones are frequently used to send text messages and emails, it can be useful to know how to type special characters using your phone. The process depends on whether your phone only has a standard 12 button keypad or if it also has a full keyboard. Once you have entered your phone's special character mode, it is easy to insert a symbol.


Step 1

Change the phone's input mode to the special characters option. On many phones without a full keyboard, you will need to press the "*" key to view a list of available symbols. Phones with a full keyboard will have a "Symbols" key or a key with symbols on it that you must press to enter the special characters mode.


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Step 2

Use the phone's control pad to highlight the desired symbol, or tap the desired symbol with your finger if your phone has a touchscreen.

Step 3

Press the "OK" or "Insert" button to insert the special character. This step is usually not required if your phone has a touchscreen.





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