How to Type the TM Symbol on a Mac

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The trademark symbol is placed to the right and slightly superset of the text's baseline.

You've probably realized that the TM symbol – along with many other commonly used symbols in math, science or business – is not readily apparent by looking at your Mac keyboard. That's because the shortage of keys and the sheer size of the key could never accommodate all the various marks and symbols in use. The trademark symbol, commonly used to mark your intellectual property, puts competitors on notice to respect the trademark, but first you have to find it and add it to your documents. Mac primarily uses the "Option" key to modify the standard keys on your keyboard.


Step 1

Open a Word document, text editor, Web browser or graphics program that accepts text and symbols.

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Step 2

Click on the document and insert the cursor in the spot you want to type the "TM" symbol.


Step 3

Press the "Option" + "2" keys. You can press the "Option" key before the "2" key, but not the other way around; you will just type the number 2 if the "Option" key is not already engaged.




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