How to Type Upside-Down Exclamation Points

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Draw attention to your text and clarify your meaning with Microsoft's gallery of symbols that complement your United States keyboard. The Symbols gallery includes the Latin-1 Supplement with the inverted exclamation mark that enables you to punctuate text, such as at the opening of an exclamatory sentence in Spanish. Selecting the inverted exclamation mark will save it to the Recently Used Symbols section for future quick access, as you edit your documents and worksheets.


Step 1

Click where you want to insert the inverted exclamation mark on your document, such as the beginning of a sentence.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab on the command ribbon, select the "Symbol" arrow button in the Symbols group and then select "More Symbols" to open the Symbols gallery on the tab sheet.

Step 3

Select "(Normal Text)" in the Font list. Select "Latin-1 Supplement" in the Sub-set field to update the chart. If this Subset field is not visible, click the "From" field in the lower box and then select "Unicode (Hex)" to bring up the Sub-set field and then select "Latin-1 Supplement."


Step 4

Select the "Inverted Exclamation Mark" or "¡" symbol on the chart. The "From" box displays "Unicode (Hex)" and the Character Code field displays "00A1." As an alternative, click the "From" arrow button and then select "ASCII (Hex)" or "ASCII (Decimal)" on the drop-down list. Selecting "ASCII (Decimal)" changes the Character Code field to "161."

Step 5

Click "Insert" to enter the inverted exclamation mark into your document. This symbol will save to your Symbol gallery. For example, next time you want to insert this symbol, click the "Insert" tab, click "Symbol" arrow button to open the gallery of recently used symbols, including the inverted exclamation mark, for quick access and insertion.


As a keyboard shortcut for ASCII, press and hold "Alt-173" or "Alt-0161" on the numeric keypad with the Num Lock key activated.

As a keyboard shortcut for Unicode, press and hold "Alt-Ctrl-Shift-1" or "Alt-Ctrl-!" to insert.

Press "Option-1" on the Mac keyboard.

Press "Alt-NU" to open the Symbol dialog box on the Excel worksheet.

To insert the regular exclamation mark at the end of the sentence. Press "Shift-1."

Microsoft Windows includes a Spanish language pack to update the Settings in Windows 8.1.


Information in this article applies to Microsoft Word 2013, Small Office Premium and Word for Mac 2011. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


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