How to Unblock Fortinet

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Use a proxy to sop Fortinet's pesky Internet restriction.

Fortinet is a security platform for network administrators who want to establish Internet filters on the network they manage. Fortinet products such as the FortiGuard firewall are used on a network to keep you from accessing websites the administrator blocks. In addition, the websites you visit can be monitored so the network administrator can keep an eye on your Internet browsing habits. You can unblock Fortinet to access filtered websites and stop your administrator from monitoring you by using a proxy server, which is an Internet-based network that hides your IP address and connects you to any site through its server.


Step 1

Navigate to Ublocked Websites Proxy or Truly Unblock (see Resources). These proxies unblock filters originating from filtering platforms such as a Fortinet firewall. Your anonymity is also secure with these proxies because they hide your IP address behind their server.

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Step 2

Enter the Web address that is being blocked by Fortinet in the URL bar you'll find on the middle or bottom region of the page, depending on the proxy you chose to visit.


Step 3

Click the "Surf" or "Go" tab showcased beside the URL bar. The website Fortinet was blocking will now be unblocked through the proxy's server. Your IP address will also be masked to keep your browsing anonymous.




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