How to Uninstall Yahoo! Messenger on a Mac

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Yahoo! Messenger isn't only for PC owners; Mac users can also download a version of the free instant messaging program for their operating systems. If you are not happy with Yahoo! Messenger for Mac or find you do not use it, the process for deleting it may be much faster than for someone on a PC, although you may have to hunt for some hidden folders.


Step 1

Press "Command" and "F" at the same time to open Finder search.

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Step 2

Type in "Yahoo! Messenger." This will search for all the files pertaining to Yahoo! Messenger on your Mac.

Step 3

Click and hold the files.

Step 4

Drag the highlighted files to "Trash."

Step 5

Open "Trash" and click "Empty Trash" from the File menu to permanently delete all Yahoo! Messenger files.