How to Open a WDB File in Word

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You can convert a Works database document to MS Word 2007.

If you have critical information stored in a Microsoft Works database file, it is possible to open it in MS Word 2007. Using a few simple steps, a file converter will magically transform your data into an easily edited Word file.


Step 1

Click on the MS Word shortcut icon.


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Step 2

Click on the "Office" button.


Step 3

Select "Works 6.0-9.0" under the "Files of type" drop down box.


Step 4

Choose "Works 6.0-9.0."



Step 5

Select the file to open, then click "Open."


Step 6

Click the MS Office button, then select "Save As."


Step 7

Type file name, select "Save as type" from the drop down list, choose "Word document," and then select "Save."

Things You'll Need

  • MS Word 2007

  • Flash drive


If you do not have an MS Works File Converter on your computer, you will have to download one.

If you have MS Windows XP or MS Windows Server 2003, follow these steps:

1) Close all open programs. 2) Click "Start" and "Control Panel." 3) Click "Add or Remove Programs." 4) Click "Remove A Program." 5) Select the Microsoft Office edition you installed or "Microsoft Office Word 2007." 6) Click "Change." 7)When the Configuration Wizard opens, click "Add or Remove Features"; then click "Continue." 8) Select the "Installation Options" page. 9) Click on the plus sign (+) next to "Office Shared Features." 10)Click on the plus sign (+) next to "Converters and Filters," and then click the plus sign (+) next to "Text Converters." 11) Click the arrow next to "Works 7.0-9.0 Converter for Windows," click "Run" from "My Computer," and then click "Continue."

Voila, the file format converter is now installed.



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