How to Unlink Text Boxes in Microsoft Publisher

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How to Unlink Text Boxes in Microsoft Publisher. Linking text boxes is a helpful way to keep text nicely organized within your Microsoft Publisher 2007 document. If you are rearranging text, you may find it necessary to unlink the linked text boxes. This procedure takes the text from the box you are unlinking and moves it up to the next linked text box.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Publisher 2007 and open a document from your files that contains at least two linked text boxes that you want to unlink.

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Step 2

Choose the "View" menu at the top of the Publisher screen, point to "Toolbars" and click "Connect Text Boxes." Skip this step if the Connect Text Boxes toolbar is already displayed.


Step 3

Click the text box before the text box you want to unlink in the chain. Selecting this first text box will instruct Publisher to unlink the text box that follows in the chain. If you want to unlink a text box at the top of the chain and there's no text box before it, select the text box following the box that you want to unlink. White sizing handles will surround the text box once it's selected.



Step 4

Click the "Break Forward Link" from the Connect Text Boxes toolbar. It's the second button on the toolbar and represented by a broken chain link. The text box will unlink and the text in that box will move to the selected text box.



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