How to Import Word Documents Into Visio

While Microsoft Visio serves as a business drawing application that allows users to easily illustrate how a business operates, it can also incorporate Microsoft Word in its files. You can import Word documents into Visio as objects that may be linked and re-sized within the application. Linking to a Word document enables you to display updates from the original file within Visio. You can also make use of the copy and paste features within Word and Visio.

Import Word File as a Visio Object

Step 1

Open a new or existing drawing in Microsoft Visio.

Step 2

Click "Insert" and "Object" from the Visio menu. The "Insert Object" dialog box opens.

Step 3

Click the "Create from file" option. To link to the Word file from Visio, check "Link to file." Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

Step 4

Click the "Browse" button within the Visio dialog box. The "Browse" dialog box displays.

Step 5

Select and open the Word document you want to insert. You are redirected to the "Insert Object" dialog box. Click "OK" to add the Word document to your page.

Step 6

Click a corner of the green handle and pull it outward to enlarge the document or push it inward to shrink it on your page. Place your mouse over the Word document and drag it where you want it to appear on your page.

Copy and Paste Word File Into Visio

Step 1

Open the Word document you want to move into Visio. Highlight the information you want to copy and press "Ctrl+C" on your keyboard.

Step 2

Minimize Word and open the Visio file where you want the Word document displayed.

Step 3

Select "Edit" and "Paste Special" from the Visio toolbar.

Step 4

Choose "Microsoft Office Word Document" in the "Paste Special" dialog box. To paste your Word document into a shape's text block, paste it as ANSI text instead. (According to Microsoft, "The text is formatted according to the styles set for the shape's text block.") Click "OK"to complete the paste process.


If you paste the Word file into Visio instead of importing it as an object, you can still resize it the same way when using both methods.