How to Convert a Word Drawing to JPG

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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing applications on the planet. It is widely used in homes, businesses and government offices. It has many features that greatly simplify the process of creating documents of all sorts. One of the features is the drawing toolbar. Using the drawing toolbar, users can create their own shapes and graphics. But one drawback of this feature is that you cannot directly save the resulting image as a JPG (or JPEG) for use in another program. Fortunately, there is a way around this.


Step 1

Open Word. Select "File" and click "Open." In the dialog that pops up, browse to the file containing the image you want to use and open it.

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Step 2

Select "File" from the menu and click "Save As." In the dialog that pops up, make the file type "Web Page." Name your file and save it.


Step 3

Go to the place where you saved your file (typically a folder or on your desktop) and right-click on it. From the options, choose to open with your web browser.


Step 4

Right-click on the image that your want to use in the document. From the options, choose "Save As." In the dialog that pops up, make the file type JPEG, name your file and save it.




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