How to Unlock the Keyboard Numbers

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Most people who are just learning to use computers will encounter the problem of worrying that the numbers on the side of the keyboard don't work. The solution is as simple as pushing a single keyboard button. Many of us have gone through the process of troubleshooting keyboards that aren't really broken. Read on to unlock the numbers on your keyboard.


Unlocking the Number Keys on a Keyboard

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Step 1

Open a Notepad or Word document.

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Step 2

Look at the keyboard to see if the lights are on. Press several keys. If the lights are on and the characters you pressed appear on the document you opened, then the keyboard is plugged in.


Step 3

Look over the keyboard for the lights that say "Num Lock," "Caps Lock," and "Scroll Lock."


Step 4

If the light above "Num Lock" is off, push the "Num Lock" key in the number grid on the side of the keyboard. Normally, this key is located right above the number 7 key.

Step 5

Press the number keys in the number grid. The numbers should now appear in the document you opened.



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