How to Upload an HTML Theme From ThemeForest

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ThemeForest is a provider of website themes and templates. Purchasing themes is easy, but often the theme or template does not come with any instructions. This can be extremely frustrating for a novice designer or someone new to using templates and themes. If you are able to access your Web space through an FTP program or control panel, you will be able to get your HTML theme uploaded in no time by following these simple steps.


Step 1

Download your theme or template from your ThemeForest downloads page. Click on your account name in the upper-right of their Web page. Unzip the file to an easy-to-find location on your hard drive.

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Step 2

Open the theme folder. In most cases, the files you need to edit and upload to your Web space are located in a sub-folder under the theme's name. Locate the "index.html" file and open it in Notepad or an HTML editor. HTML editors are preferable, as they allow you to view the design of the theme and make changes without knowing HTML. The main value you want to find and change is the page title, and possibly the copyright text. The title is located near the top of the document, between "

" tags. The copyright text is likely located at the very bottom.<p></p><h4>Step 3</h4><p>Access your Web space using your host's Web control panel, or an FTP program. If your Web space does not put you in the root of your domain by default, you may need to open the "htdocs" or "www" folder to access your site root. Refer to your host's documentation for how to find your website folder if needed.</p><h4>Step 4</h4><p>Upload the edited contents of your theme's Web files folder to your website folder by dragging the files from one window to the other, or selecting them in your control panel and clicking "Upload." The HTML files must be in the main website folder and not in a sub-folder. For example, your website structure may have an index.html and contact.html in the root folder, and an "images" sub-folder.</p><h4>Step 5</h4><p>Type your URL into your Web browser to test your webpage. If the files were uploaded to the correct place, you should see your main page, or index.html file. Continue to make changes to the files using your text editor, then upload them to view the updated pages.</p><div id="js-336"></div><div class="tips-warnings"><h3>Tips & Warnings</h3><ul><li>You can modify the colors and styles of ThemeForest templates by editing the style.css file, which is located in the main template folder, or in a "css" sub-folder.</li><li>If you intentionally upload a theme or template to a sub-folder of your Web space, make sure an index.php or index.html file exists in your site root for security reasons, even if it is blank.</li></ul></div><div class="references-resources"><h3>References & Resources</h3><ul><li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Envato: ThemeForest Support</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Cashrevelations: How to Edit HTML Templates -- Tutorial</a></li></ul></div>



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