How to Use a Micro SD Card on a Computer

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The Micro SD card fits into a SD card adapter.

A Secure Digital (SD) card is a small memory card developed by Panasonic for use in mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras. The Micro SD card is a smaller, more compact version of the original SD card. The Micro SD card ships with a standard-sized SD card adapter. The Micro SD card fits into the SD card adapter, so that the card may be inserted into a standard SD card reader on a computer. Many computers and laptops include built-in SD card readers. However, external SD card readers are inexpensive and may be connected to a PC or laptop using a USB connector cable.


Step 1

Insert the Micro SD card into the SD card adapter and ensure the SD card reader is connected to the computer.

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Step 2

Insert the SD card adapter, with the Micro SD card inserted, into the SD card reader. Windows will register the device as a "Removable Drive" and assign the disk the next available drive letter.


Step 3

Right-click Windows "Start" and click "Explore" to open the Windows Explorer file navigator.

Step 4

Click on the "Removable Drive" option in the left navigation pane of Windows Explorer. The contents of the SD card will list in the right pane.

Step 5

Copy (or move) files in or out of the SD card directory by dragging and dropping the files using the right pane in Windows Explorer.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card reader connected to the PC or laptop

  • SD card adapter for Micro SD card