How to Use a Microphone on a Laptop

By Carl Pruit

Would you like to be able to use a microphone to speak to people from your laptop computer? With the advancements in electronics, this is actually a very simple procedure. By following some quick instructions for installing an external microphone, you will be talking to your friends or business associates from the convenience of your laptop in no time.

Step 1

Connect your microphone to the external output jack on the side of your laptop. Turn on your computer and open the Control Panel.

Step 2

Make sure you have the right driver device for your microphone, according to the manufacturer's specifications. If you do not see the correct driver, download the driver device from the manufacturer.

Step 3

In the Control Panel of your computer, click on the type of external microphone you have. If it is not recognized, click on "Default Microphone" and highlight "External Microphone."

Step 4

Verify that the sound card is compatible with your external microphone. Check the volume control on the computer and make sure your microphone is turned on. You have now installed an external microphone, and should be able to speak with your friends and other contacts without any problem.