How to Use a Pen With MS Word

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Sometimes there are no replacements for a pen.

Word processors, such as Microsoft Word, have revolutionized the speed at which documents can be produced and copied, but, occasionally, it's most efficient to be able to pencil in notes on a digital document the way you could with a printed document. Since Microsoft Word 2003, users have been able to use a tablet to digitally write or highlight with the word processing software.


Step 1

Connect your writing tablet to your computer. If it's your first time using the hardware, the device may need to automatically install some drivers on your computer.

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Step 2

Open the document you wish to write pen marks on. If it is a new document, simply open the Microsoft Word program from a desktop shortcut or the "Start" menu.


Step 3

Click on the "Review" tab.


Step 4

Click "Start Inking" on the far right of the screen to begin using the tablet with Microsoft Word.

Step 5

Touch on the tablet to write using the pen tool.

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