How to Use a Personalized License Plate Generator

By Techwalla Contributor

Have you ever thought about what your name or phrase would look like on a license plate? Well, now you can view your name on a personalized license plate generator. There are many creative ways to use this, especially if you have kids. Personalized license plates can be put to use for all kinds of kid's stuff.

Step 1

Go to This is the ACME License Maker and is a personalized license plate generator. It features license plates from every state.

Step 2

Use the drop down box to go to the state. In the second drop down box, choose the year of the plates you'd like to view or a specialty tag. They have some really old license plates as well as recent ones.

Step 3

Type in the name or phrase you want to create on the personalized license plate generator. Then, click Make License. The image, which you can save, appears, just as typed. If you don't like the way it appears, try another plate.

Step 4

There are many uses for a kid's personalized license plate: If you are having a birthday party with a car theme, why not put the child's name on the license plate and make special birthday invitations? Another way to use this is if your child has a car or race themed room. Print several off and put on a cork or memo board for added decor.If you are a teacher and have a race theme for the classroom, put each child's name on a tag and print. Laminate and use these for keeping up with AR reading points, bulletin board, behavior charts, cubby tags, etc.