How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

By Aaron Parson

Use contacts and favorites on your iPhone to quickly make calls. Another option adds shortcuts to your Safari favorites screen.

Things You'll Need

  • IPhone

Rather than assign numbers on the keypad to speed dial your favorite contacts, the iPhone has a visual contacts list. Create a contact in iOS 8 and mark it as a favorite to dial with just two taps from your home screen.

Create and Favorite Contacts

Step 1

Open the Phone app to the Contacts tab and tap the + icon in the upper right corner to start a new contact.

Contacts tab

Step 2

Add your contact's name and any other information you want to include. Tap Add Phone and enter a phone number. To change the type of number -- home, work, etc. -- tap Home. The type of number doesn't affect how your iPhone dials, but the label helps you keep track of numbers if you add multiple phone numbers for one contact. Tap Done to finish creating the contact.

New contact screen

Step 3

Select the contact you just created on your contacts list, scroll down and tap Add to Favorites. Pick a specific phone number to add to your favorites. To favorite additional numbers for the same person, tap Add to Favorites again.

Add to favorites pop-up

To dial this number in the future, just open the Phone app to the Favorites tab and tap the person you want to call.

Favorites list

Create a Shortcut in Safari

As of iOS 8, Apple doesn't include a way to create shortcuts to contacts on your iPhone home screen, but with a workaround, you can add phone shortcuts to Safari's favorites.

Step 1

Create a bookmark to any website in your Safari favorites. The site you bookmark makes no difference. Open your bookmarks, tap Edit and pick the newly created bookmark.

Edit a bookmark

Step 2

Rename the bookmark as you like and then delete the Web address. In its place, enter tel:// followed by a phone number -- no need to include parentheses or dashes.

Enter the phone number

Step 3

Tap the new bookmark in your favorites to place a call. When you tap the shortcut, you'll see a small window displaying the number. Press Call to dial the number.

Favorites screen

Calling from Safari