How to Use the Wall on Your Facebook Page

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How to Use the Wall on Your Facebook Page. Facebook is a great website for keeping in touch with friends and family members. Certain elements of the site, such as the Wall, are common to everyone's page. So, it's important that you know how to use the Wall on your Facebook page properly. Not only can you leave messages for others on your own Wall, but you can also leave notes on your friends' Walls as well.


Step 1

Go to the profile page. If you scroll down a bit on your Facebook profile page, you'll come to the area labeled as the wall. This is a message board of sorts that allows you or others to type in comments and have conversations back and forth. It's important to remember that the Wall is a public place, so everyone can see anything written on a Wall.


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Step 2

Post something on your own Wall. There's a box on your profile page that lets you type in a comment. When you click "Post," it posts your comment on your page for all your viewers to see. You can post a quick hello to visitors or write something more profound.

Step 3

Write on a friend's Wall. If someone leaves a comment on your Wall, you can choose the "Write on X's Wall" link to leave a comment for him on his Wall. You can also go to his profile page and write in his comment box just like you did in Step 2.



Step 4

Try out Wall to Wall. The Wall to Wall feature shows you the conversation between you and a friend, and hides all of the conversations in between. This is great for trying to piece together a conversation that may take place over the course of a few days or weeks.



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