How to Use VLC to Connect to a Twonky Server

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If you use a Twonky server, such as the "Connected Home" software by Twonky, you can use your VLC media player to connect to and stream media from your Twonky server. The key is to access your media on Twonky through a Web browser, with the VLC plug-in installed, over your local area network. Make sure the computer you are using to stream the media from Twonky has a browser with the VLC plug-in installed. The VLC plug-in is available for all major browsers.


Step 1

Open the Web browser with the VLC plug-in installed.

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Step 2

Type the following URL into the browser address bar and press "Enter." This is the local URL for the Twonky Media page.



A Windows Explorer-like window opens to display files and folders on the Twonky server.


Step 3

Navigate to the media to stream and click on the video or audio file link. The VLC plug-in automatically starts, the media begins playing and the media continues to stream from the Twonky server using the HTTP protocol.



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