How to Wire Speakers Together

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How to Wire Speakers Together. Get a fuller sound from your system by wiring multiple speakers together. There are several ways to do this. Follow the instructions below to get your speakers working together.

Step 1

Determine what maximum output is for your speakers and amplifier. Stereo output is measured in ohms. You can find this information on the back of your speakers and your amplifier. Confirm that your speaker output does not exceed your amplifier's output.


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Step 2

Turn off your amplifier and unplug it.

Step 3

Determine which one of three wiring processes you will use for your amplifier. There are three basic wiring modes: series, parallel and a combination of the two. Series will require the most ohms; parallel will require the least. Combining series and parallel will allow you to hook up more speakers with fewer ohms because it maintains a constant load.


Step 4

Connect using series mode. Connect the positive (red) connection from your amplifier to the positive input on one speaker. Then connect the negative (not red) connection on your first speaker to the positive connection on the next speaker. Repeat this connection until all of your speakers are connected. Then connect the negative on your last speaker to the negative on your amplifier.



Step 5

Connect using parallel mode. Connect the positive connection from your amplifier to the positive connection on your speakers. You will need split cabling in order to connect multiple speakers in parallel mode. Next, connect the split wires to the negative connection of all of your speakers and connect the single end of your cable into your amplifier's negative jack.


Step 6

Connect using a combination of the two connections. Connect two speakers using series mode and then use a split cable to connect a second set of speakers. Connect all of the speaker sets together and then connect the single end of your cable into the negative jack on your amplifier.

Things You'll Need

  • Speakers

  • Speaker wire

  • Amplifier