HP Series HSTNN-105C Laptop Features

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The HP Compaq HSTNN-105C model is a lithium-ion laptop battery designed for multiple business laptops. It is sometimes referred to by model number LHP043. The HSTNN-105C, manufactured by HP, is currently discontinued in their catalog. The battery fits classes 6100, 6200, NC6105, NC6100, NC6200, NX6100 and the NX6300 series.


Dimensions, Color and Weight

The HP Series HSTNN-105C has dimensions of 203.6 x 53.6 x 20.4 millimeters. The net weight is 326 grams. The external casing is black.

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Circuitry Specifications

This battery features 10.8 volts of potential difference, and a power charge capacity of 4400 milliampere-hours. The amount of battery life varies based on the corresponding laptop and frequency of usage. Some OEM HP Series HSTNN-105C laptop batteries boast 7800 milliampere-hours of charge capacity. This allows a longer usage time.




The HP HSTNN-105C uses a standard nine-cell system for generating power. Generally, the higher the amount of cells, the longer the laptop can run.




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